The Greater Good logo symbolizes our drive for achieving our dream. The journey towards the peak of the mountain represents the brand’s promise of being the best in what it stands for, in crafting high-quality clothing while doing good for society.

The reflection of the mountains on the sea below further heightens this social responsibility. It shows how our vision reflects down towards humanity through the business shift that we take - that profits are not everything, and that considering the “common good” means greater wealth. We also commit to influencing others to join our fashion advocacy. We aspire to have a brand that will inspire society.



To maintain high craftsmanship for quality-made clothing. Our goods are well thought of with attention to detail and mastery in all departments, from design to manufacturing the finished product. 

With our fashion philosophy, every piece has an aesthetic design of being smart, clean and classic, combined with functionality and timelessness. Greater Good consists of a team with a drive towards being influencers and movers, with a fresh take on fashion in itself that reflects the brand. In what we do, we represent a community with a common goal of doing good.

To uplift our brand towards global standards so it can compete with international labels in quality and price.